Security Analyst Exercises are available as part of the following subscription:

Each subscription provides 6 of months access to 15 Different Exercises. Each exercise contains a Scenario, Objectives, and individual step by step tasks to guide the user through all steps necessary to complete the exercise. The Penetration Testing Exercises are designed to give the user the ultimate hands-on experience. Each exercise category above has its own Virtual Private Cloud that comes preconfigured with Vulnerable websites, Victim Machines, and the environment is LOADED with tools. Included in your network share are all the supporting tools required to practice in the Cyber Range / Lab environment.

Lab exercises are included for:

  • TCPIP Packet Analysis
  • Information Gathering
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • External Penetration Testing
  • Internal Network Penetration Testing
  • Firewall Penetration Testing
  • IDS Penetration Testing
  • Password Cracking Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • SQL Penetration Testing
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Still looking for more information? No problem. Click any of the categories below to read a full description of the labs and exercises.

As a Security Analyst, you must have a complete mastery over TCP/IP protocol. Packet Analysis is making use of a packet sniffer to capture the packets and analyze the flow of data between two devices communicating on a network…..(Read More)
Information gathering refers to collecting information about a target company that will help in penetration testing and security auditing of the company…..(Read More)
Nessus allows you to remotely audit a network and determine if it has been broken into or misused in some way. It also provides the ability to locally audit a specific machine for vulnerabilities…..(Read More)
External Penetration Testing simulates the actions of an actual attacker exploiting vulnerabilities in the network security to determine what information is actually exposed to the outside world….(Read More)
Penetration Testing is a method of performing specific tests on a computer, network or web application and check for vulnerabilities that can be made use of, to perform exploitation….(Read More)
HTTPort is a program from HTTHost that creates a transparent tunnel through a proxy server or firewall…..(Read More)
An intrusion detection system (IDS) is a device or software application that monitors network and/or system activities for malicious activities or policy violations and produces reports to a Management Station…..(Read More)
Social engineering is the art of convincing people to reveal confidential information. Social engineers depend on the fact that people are aware of certain valuable information and are careless in protecting it….(Read More)
Web Applications Penetration Testing refers to carrying unauthorized access of a website or the website details….(Read More)
SQL injection is a technique often used to attack a website. It is the most common website vulnerability on the Internet…..(Read More)

Fully patched Operating Systems/Virtual Machines used in this Set of Exercises